Carys Mula

# About me

I’m Carys Mula, a surface designer from Wales in the UK. I specialise in repeat patterns and I’m working on creating more stand-alone illustrations and hand-lettering.

I work mostly in vector, and usually start designs by drawing motifs on paper or on my tablet. This means my designs are flat and graphic but often retain a hand-drawn line.

As a teenager I dreamed of being a fashion designer but ended up pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector. My love of design history was re-kindled at university, where I had the opportunity to write essays about topics like Space Age advertising, American Pop art, the Arts and Crafts movement and Disney parks! I taught myself to use Adobe Illustrator and now there’s no stopping me!

When I’m not designing, I’m usually out for a walk, watching something incredibly geeky, or planning a trip!

# 5 things about my process

  1. My favourite things to draw are florals, vintage objects and buildings
  2. I love colour! I usually have many colour options I don’t show, so feel free to ask for alternatives
  3. I like to combine man-made objects or animals with florals
  4. I love creating modern damask patterns
  5. I’m always prepared to learn something new!

Carys Mula

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